Duchess of Cambridge to read The Rich Pricks Who Make Poor People Pay For Their Castle, confirms Cbeebies

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Cbeebies Bedtime Story will once again have a celebrity reader as the Duchess of Cambridge has decided to read the classic story of lower class oiks being delighted at being taxed so that inbreds who own a third of England can buy some more horses.

The BBC stated that the Duchess personally requested the story from the God Says I Deserve Nicer Things Than You series by E.R Windsor. As explained Cbeebies’ Head of Programming, Simon Williams.

“To mark Children’s Mental Health Week we thought it was important that children from poor backgrounds get to hear from someone who leads a charmed life of travel, adulation and astounding luxury simply because they were born lucky, or found themselves shagging someone who was.

“She came round to our office and we were all struck at how friendly she is for someone whose day job is to be nice to people. We originally wanted her to read Know Your Place You Filthy Peasant by J R Mogg but she preferred a more uplifting tale of a young woman who rubs the magic stick of a balding 21-year-old student and is suddenly swept away into an amazing world that others pay for.”

The Duchess of Cambridge will join a long list of celebrity readers who made a splash with their bedtime stories. Previous favourites include Ed Sheeran’s take on The Boy Who Looks Like A Stray Dog and Tom Hardy reading Your Mum Will Watch This Alone After You Go To Sleep.

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