Video emerges of Boris singing ‘Let the Bodies Pile High’ to tune of ‘Wonderful Christmastime’

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More evidence has emerged that a Downing Street Christmas party took place during lockdown – footage of the PM himself singing merrily about the Covid death toll.

Will the latest wound inflicted on the Prime Minister in his death by a thousand parties be the one to finally finish him off? Almost certainly not, but it is another damning piece of evidence that shows that he’s completely unfit to lead the country.

Political Analyst Simon Williams has reviewed the latest video.

“We were told that Boris ‘popped in’ to a ‘quiz’ taking place in the Downing Street offices. We can now see that he was the one who turned a genuinely low key event into a debauched piss up.

“Most people will have now seen the photo of the Prime Minister in a room with an open bottle of Champagne. What they won’t have seen is Boris wheeling a trolley full of those bottles into the room shouting, ‘Come on you boring bastards! It’s Christmas, let’s all get fucked!’

“Boris then opened the first bottle with his buttocks as he joked: ‘Don’t worry, I spend so much time in fridges that my bum’s nice and chilled.’

“To his evident delight, his staff then called him ‘Boris the Corkscrew’ for the remainder of the evening.

“When Paul McCartney’s ‘Wonderful Christmastime’ came on the office sound system, the PM jumped up on a table and sang along, improvising his own modified set of lyrics:

We will gaslight
They’re all locked up
We’re here tonight
And that’s enough
We simply have to let the bodies pile high

“It’s a new level of disrespect for the victims of Covid and their families. Can Boris recover?”

A Downing Street spokesman said, “The Prime Minister won’t be commenting on this footage because it’s probably subject to an ongoing investigation by the police or Sue Gray or maybe both, or maybe neither, it’s getting really hard to keep track isn’t it?

“But what about that abhorrent Jimmy Carr joke, eh? Totally immoral.”

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