Co-op checkout worker surprisingly opts against four months without wages to help her children study algebra

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A Co-op checkout worker has surprisingly opted against taking a four-month unpaid break from work in order to sit with her children and try to teach them algebra.

Hayley Rice, who currently earns £10.12 per hour working on the till at her local Co-op store, made her decision earlier after realising her son needs a new PE kit and her daughter would like to be able to eat food and be warm for the next four months whilst revising.

Speaking earlier she told us, “Yes I considered four months off work actually, to be able to spend time with my children and help them through their GCSEs.

“But then I realised I’m not a fucking multi-millionaire who can afford to go four full months without earning any money.

“Obviously the staying off work part of the deal is great, and it’s a very thoughtful offer by the company, which absolutely no-one can afford to take, unless of course you are the Chief Executive, and absolutely wadded.

“I did briefly consider having a fortnight off, until I found out last night that my son had lost his PE kit, and my daughter apparently likes to be fed, so I might have to ask for some overtime instead.”

Asked if she thinks the decision made by her boss is a great example to everyone about the importance of work-life balance we were told, “Yes, definitely, if you are fucking loaded.”