Prince Andrew demands Sue Gray decide if he’s guilty or not

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Prince Andrew has demanded that Sue Gray decide if he is guilty or not in his upcoming trial in the US later this year.

The Duke, who will appear in court in the US to face a sexual assault lawsuit brought by Virginia Giuffre, made his demands earlier after realising he can get away with anything as long as he keeps saying Sue Gray.

Lawyers for Prince Andrew confirmed, “He’s not budging on this, Sue Gray is going to have to make the decision, and that could take some time.

“Everyone has seen that you can get away with literally anything as long as you keep saying Sue Gray, and claiming that you are waiting for her report, which is constantly being delayed, so the whole nasty thing can blow over.

“That’s why the Prince is demanding that he receive a fair trial in the US, largely led by Sue Gray, with a jury full of Sue Gray’s all of whom need to do a report, which of course could take years.

“Obviously he is keen to completely clear his name, which is the very reason he has tried to have the case dismissed on a number of technicalities already, and now wants Sue Gray involved because he’s seen how this can help.”

Asked if he will provide all of the evidence and information Sue Gray needs in order to make a fair and just decision he told us “No.”