Politician accuses politician of playing ‘politics’ during political debate in political building

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A politician has accused another politician of playing ‘politics’ whilst taking part in a political debate between politicians about politics in a political building where politicians spend all day engaged in politics.

“The honourable member is just playing politics,” said an incredulous politician as another politician had just made a political point.

The politician went on to explain that ‘instead of playing politics,’ he was just trying to get on with his job which, further investigation revealed, was politics.

The accused politician refuted the accusation that he was playing politics explaining he ‘was not playing politics,’ despite being a politician of many years standing and being engaged in politics on a daily basis. He was instead ‘attempting to get an answer to my question.’ A question that he, as a politician had asked of another politician and was, broadly, political in nature.

The first politician, sensing he had some sort of upper hand, pressed home his advantage.

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“This is typical of the honourable member who would rather play politics than get on with the job his constituents have put him in place to do.”

His constituents, too busy to deal with individual political issues themselves, had voted the politician into his position with the express intention of representing their political interests in political debates about politics with other politicians in the political building.

It is expected that similar political debates will continue in the political building between politicians whose job it is to debate the political issues of the day. Let’s hope none of them ever stoop to playing ‘politics’ again.