Homeworker fuming after boss sets up Teams meeting right in the middle of PopMaster

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A homeworker is absolutely fuming today after his boss decided to set up a meeting on Microsoft Teams, right in the middle of PopMaster.

Simon Williams, who obviously plays PopMaster every day with his wife whilst he is working from home, received the crushing news earlier just before switching his radio on and grabbing a pen and paper.

Speaking earlier he told us, “Half past fucking ten. Who arranges a meeting for half-past ten when PopMaster is on?

“I couldn’t sodding well believe it. I thought it was some sort of joke. And I really needed to get today’s game in, because the wife was beating me 2-1 this week so far.

“Everybody loves playing PopMaster, especially when there is two of you, and you can try to shout out the answers and play against each other.

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“So this working from home stuff has been great, because we can play it every single day, with a nice cup of tea and a biccy, whilst getting paid for it.

“But then you get some stupid invite for a stupid meeting, just when the game should be starting, for something boring about work! Are you having a fucking laugh?

“I just completely ignored the message, and pretended I’d not even seen it, so I could get in the zone for the game and make sure the wife didn’t beat me.”

Asked who won today’s game he told us, “It’s absolute bollocks mate. Who the fuck is going to know about Annie bastard Lennox?”