People who wanted to see statue vandals in the dock inexplicably upset that they have

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Fervent patriots who have long argued that those who vandalise statues should be arrested, charged and sent up in front of the judge are now somehow furious that this exact sequence of events has occurred.

Simon Williams MP, was one of many who took to social media to explain how the rigorous application of legal procedure by the proper judicial authorities was “an attack on the rule of law”.

He went on. “This is a vandal’s charter. Do we really want to send a message to woke activists that their actions could see them arrested by the police, prosecuted by the CPS and put in a situation where a legal expert and a selected group of lay people can send them to prison?

“Any would-be revolutionary will feel free to ransack any symbol of our past they don’t like with nothing to deter them than the certainty that they will have their lives put on hold for months, incur expensive legal fees and possibly be incarcerated for years.

“If we want to stop cancel culture we have to forgo the legal process and just arbitrarily sanction people whose actions we dislike.”

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Mr Williams also expressed fears that reminding people of historical wrongdoings would erase history.

“If we allow statues to be pulled down, how will our nation’s rich history be preserved? It’s not like there is an entire academic discipline devoted to studying the past, buildings dedicated to explaining certain facets of historical events or media outlets using history to create films and tv shows.

“Proper respect of our heritage is expressed by having football fans with lifetime match bans stand around cenotaphs drinking super-strength lager. It’s what Colston would have wanted.”