England cricketers to appeal decision to allow them to remain in Australia

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England cricketers are set to dramatically appeal the decision to grant them visas and allow them to remain in Australia, it has been revealed today.

With news emerging this morning that tennis star Novak Djokovic could be deported from the country after having his visa revoked by the government, England’s cricketers who are currently getting a severe twatting in the Ashes are also set to appeal the decision to allow them to stay in the country.

A spokesman for the ECB confirmed, “It’s an unfair decision and they should be deported. Ideally before the next innings starts.

“England’s cricketers have decided that the decision made by the Australian government to allow them to come to the country and take a severe battering in the Ashes, was fundamentally wrong.

“That’s why they are launching an appeal to the decision immediately, and requesting that their visas are revoked and they are kicked out of the country as quickly as possible, and certainly before they have to bat again.

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“It’s clear that the original decision to grant the visas was a mistake and should not have been made, because…. you know… red tape or something. so they need to be sent home. As soon as possible. Like, right now.

“And the result of the matches that have been played, which were clearly illegal given the visa situation, should be null and void and never spoken about again.

“It’s the only fair thing to do.”