Man who hasn’t watched live TV since 1999 excited by Christmas Radio Times

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A man who hasn’t watched a single minute of live television since the last millennium is still excited by the release of the traditional Christmas issue of a TV listings magazine.

‘Satire’ ‘writer’, Simon Williams, said, “Since the advent – see what I did there?! – of the DVR and Internet catch-up services, there is literally no reason, nor point, of watching anything live anymore.

“Also, the longer I live the more kids I have. And the more kids I have, the less access I have to an actual television.

“Yet, STILL, the excitement I feel at knowing that repeats of some wildlife documentary with Gordon Buchanan will be on BBC2 on consecutive days at some time between 8:15 and 8:45am, is palpable.

“I coloured it in orange felt tip in last year’s issue, but didn’t watch it anyway.

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“The Snowman will be followed by The Snowman and the Snowdog innumerable times on Channel 4! Who knew?

“I’ve still never seen the sequel. Despite it being nearly 10 years old now. I know, because I’ve highlighted it to watch every single year.

“Ah, bollocks. The cover’s already ripped off and there’s still a week before the schedule starts!”