Severely hungover man cared for by wife with kids birthday party, visit to in-laws, and a trek around Ikea

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A man, hungover to hell after his works Christmas party has been cared for by his wife today with two hours at a kid’s 3rd birthday party, a visit to the inlaws and a shopping trip to Ikea.

Simon Williams, who also had to nip to the tip with some rubbish and also go shopping for food revealed his relaxing day earlier after entering his second hour in Ikea walking around looking for candles.

Speaking earlier he told us, “Yes she’s been lovely today, really helped me to get over this blinding hangover.

“By dragging me to a three-year-old’s party at a fucking play centre, full of screaming kids.

“Before popping to her parents for a ‘little visit’, for almost three hours when I just wanted to curl up and die.

“And then a quick visit to Ikea on the way home to look at every fucking thing in the shop, before buying a single bastard candle, and a magnetic knife holder we don’t even need.

“She does it every time I feel this ropey, she’s such a little sweetheart.”

Asked if he will return the favour when his wife is feeling poorly after her own works Christmas party he told us, “What? make her actually move when she’s got a hangover? She’ll rip my fucking head off!”