COP26 rebrands ‘Climate Change’ as ‘Naked Climate Change’ to promote greater climate engagement

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The COP26 delegates have agreed to a radical new proposal to rebrand ‘Climate Change’ as ‘Naked Climate Change’ in order to generate greater public interest.

“The problem with ‘Climate Change’ as a concept is that, to many people, it’s something they’re aware of, but it’s not a concept they’ve really embraced,” explained Simon Williams, a COP26 delegate.

“They may occasionally remember to turn the light out when they leave a room, but they’ll still eat a whole cow for tea.”

Mr Williams believes the new ‘Naked Climate Change’ rebrand will see many more people really face up to the problems with the environment.

“You hear ‘Climate Change’ you think ‘storms, glaciers melting, whatever,’ you hear ‘Naked Climate Change,’ you think ‘Ooo, boobs!’ You’re immediately interested. You’re engaged, you want to know more.”

Mr Williams promised that the rebrand won’t just be words either.

“Any new climate change literature will feature at least one hunky guy flashing his bum or one sexy topless lady.

“We’re going to have a special YouTube Channel ‘Naked Climate News’ in which sexy celebrities will give a half-hour climate bulletin without their pants on. Eva Green and Ewen McGregor have signed up, obviously. But we’re also confident to get several politicians and at least one minor royal on board.

“Finally, all new climate protests will be naked climate protests, in which everyone will be encouraged to turn up and have a lovely old nudey time. We’ll probably do these mainly in Summer.”

‘Climate Change’ will be known as ‘Naked Climate Change’ with immediate effect and new ‘Naked Climate Change’ events should begin shortly.

It is understood that Al Gore’s offer to perform his legendary 2006 PowerPoint presentation ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ in the nude to kick off the rebrand was, politely, refused by the delegates.