Prince Andrew demands US court dismiss case after finding ‘get out of jail free’ card in palace Monopoly set

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Prince Andrew has demanded that a US court dismiss all charges against him and cease all legal action after finding a ‘Get Out Of Jail Free’ card in the Palace Monopoly set.

The Duke, who has been playing a LOT of Monopoly and other board games whilst hiding in a small room at the Palace for most of the last year, presented the card to lawyers earlier after keeping it in his pocket for later following a pretty intense game of Monopoly with the Queen.

A spokesperson for Prince Andrew revealed “Boom! Have some of that.

“Get out of jail FREE baby!

“Prince Andrew is aware of the charges against him and that he might have to go to jail if convicted, and he was genuinely getting concerned.

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“That was until he managed to fluke himself a get out of jail free card during his daily game of Monopoly last night with the Queen and one of the servants.

“He couldn’t believe his luck, honestly the timing could not be better, so into the back pocket it went and straight to his lawyers this morning.”

Asked to comment on the development, Simon Williams QC acting for the Duke told us, “Fuck me, this is worse than the Pizza Express attempt.”