Tim Burton seeing his own shadow means six more weeks of Hallowe’en

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According to folklore, if Punxsutawney Burton sees his own shadow today it means six more weeks of Halloween.

The adorable, floppy-haired director, who spends much of the year nestled in his black and white striped burrow, will emerge blinking at the sunlight and look about.

If he catches a glimpse of his shadow as he does, he will go scurrying back to producing pictures of spindly skeleton-men, ornate gothic mansions and lurking yet comical terror.

“It’s a lovely little tradition,” said Burton-handler Simon Williams.

“He comes out to a soundtrack that goes ‘widdly-diddly-widdly-diddly-BOM-BOM-BOM-BOM’ and looks to see if there’s maybe a large candy lollipop with a spiral that ominously turns, or a hand clutching from a grave.

“And if he sees that then all is well with Halloween and the day can pass.

“But if he sees his shadow – especially if it moves differently to him, perhaps darting  from doorway to doorway, or beckoning from inside an old, hollow tree – then that means Halloween isn’t over and will continue for six more weeks.

“We call him ‘Groundhog Tim’, which is what Helena Bonham-Carter said we should call him but wouldn’t say why. She just cackled.”