‘He’s just a big softy this one’ and ‘Mine just likes to play’ – Your guide to generic dog chat

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Generic dog chat amongst dog owners is a simple yet sometimes perilous conversation used throughout the country on a daily basis, often between strangers and usually outdoors on a field or generally just anywhere walking your dog.

But what are the right and wrong things to say, in order to get through the conversation, without appearing awkward or coming across as a dick?

We at NewsThump have put together some very simple ‘dog chat’ ideas for any new dog owners out there hoping to venture out and see other people with dogs.

Things you can say:

  • What’s he/she called? – This makes it seem like you care and is an excellent filler when things go quiet.
  • How old is he/she? – Again this gives the impression you care about someone else’s dog
  • Aw he/she’s gorgeous – Standard compliment and should always be reciprocated by the other dog owner, otherwise they are a twat.
  • Mine just loves to play – Often used if your dog is behaving like a bit of a dick in public.
  • He’s just a big softy – Again, more often to be used when your dog is being a dick and jumping up.
  • He’ll sleep tonight this one – Great filler for when the dog has run off and won’t come back.
  • Come on, let’s get you home – Use to escape the conversation and leave.

Things not to say:

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  • I don’t like small dogs
  • He’s got a bit of a temper on him mine to be honest
  • Can you tell him to shut up?
  • I don’t bother picking the shit up, who cares?
  • That’s a stupid name
  • Have you ever considered dog fighting?

Stick to these simple tips when out and about with your dog and you will be able to navigate your way through many a dog walk and lead a long and happy life of boring generic dog chat.