Great news for Britain’s balance of trade as exports of lorry drivers reaches a record high

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Years of Britain importing more than it exports have come to an end after exports of lorry drivers leapt to new highs, according to reports.

For decades Britain has been a net importer of several types of driver, including HGV, Lorry, Pantechnicon and more and this news marks a long-awaited shift to a more export-led economy.

Increased exports had been one of the much-trumpeted benefits of Brexit, and the news suggests this is finally coming true.

“People just can’t get enough of lorry drivers at the moment,” said Government export Tsar Simon Williams.

“All over the EU they’re simply crying out for them, and Britain clearly had more than it needed so we decided to start shipping them abroad and hey presto! France, Germany, Poland, they couldn’t be happier.

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“Finally we’ve found something that Britain has and the Continent demands – we’re bound to get rich with this new exporting miracle.

“What do you mean we’ve none left?”

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