Boris spotted shouting “DO…YOU…DO…CHIPS…PEDRO?!” at Marbella waiter

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Boris Johnson is holidaying in typically British fashion.

The alleged Prime Minister took a vital holiday in the midst of multiple crises for Britain, accompanied by <insert name of current wife> and a few of his seven or eight children.

Mr Johnson has stayed true to the values of his support base by refusing to speak any Spanish and demanding a British fry-up regardless of whether the hotel restaurant offers it on the menu or not.

“CHIPS!” demanded Johnson, of a beleaguered server at Casa Del Lagerlout.

“Yes sir, we have chips, and my English is actually quite good-”

“CHIPS…AND…A…PINT…PLEASE…PEDRO!” continued Johnson.

“…yes sir, very good. I’ll be right back,” sighed the waiter.

Rounding a corner, the waiter confided, “My name is Antonio, my English is perfect, and I hate it here.

“This one is your Prime Minister, is he? That explains a LOT. All of you are like this.”

Boris Johnson commented, “What’s he saying? Can’t understand a word, to be honest.”