Tuesday 12 October 2021 by Lucas Wilde

Boris spotted shouting “DO…YOU…DO…CHIPS…PEDRO?!” at Marbella waiter

Boris ordering food on holiday

Boris Johnson is holidaying in typically British fashion.

The alleged Prime Minister took a vital holiday in the midst of multiple crises for Britain, accompanied by <insert name of current wife> and a few of his seven or eight children.

Mr Johnson has stayed true to the values of his support base by refusing to speak any Spanish and demanding a British fry-up regardless of whether the hotel restaurant offers it on the menu or not.

“CHIPS!” demanded Johnson, of a beleaguered server at Casa Del Lagerlout.

“Yes sir, we have chips, and my English is actually quite good-”

“CHIPS…AND…A…PINT…PLEASE…PEDRO!” continued Johnson.

“…yes sir, very good. I’ll be right back,” sighed the waiter.

Rounding a corner, the waiter confided, “My name is Antonio, my English is perfect, and I hate it here.

“This one is your Prime Minister, is he? That explains a LOT. All of you are like this.”

Boris Johnson commented, “What’s he saying? Can’t understand a word, to be honest.”

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