Man decides to buy Euromillions ticket, now that the jackpot is worth winning

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A man has decided to buy a Euromillions Lottery ticket for tonight’s draw, now that the jackpot has built up enough and is actually worth winning.

Simon Williams, who doesn’t normally do the lottery as it’s a complete waste of money, made his decision earlier after seeing in the news that the jackpot for this evening’s draw will be £184 million pounds instead of just £100 million or something equally small.

Speaking earlier he told us, “Wow, it’s £184 million quid tonight! May as well have a go for that amount, right?

“I don’t normally do the lottery as it’s almost impossible to win, but when the jackpot is that high, I think I’ll give it a go, because £184m is actually an amount worth winning.

“I was going to have a couple of quid on it the other week when I was in the shop but I spotted that the jackpot was only £106 million at the time, so I just decided to leave it, because frankly that’s hardly worth winning.

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“But £184 million, well that’s life changing, isn’t it? That would be just amazing. Just think what you could do with that, as opposed to just £20 or £30 million when it’s barely even rolled over.

“I’m going to get a ticket, I can’t bloody wait. I’m going in now.”

Asked what numbers he chose upon leaving the shop he told us, “It’s two quid a ticket. Fuck that.”

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