Blue Origin crew concerned by new uniforms ahead of Shatner space flight

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New uniforms issued to the crew of Amazon’s Blue Origin rocket have led to concerns being expressed about what Jeff Bezos thinks might be going to happen.

Until now, flight suits and uniforms have been a standard blue colour, and the sudden change has left crewmembers – none of whom have a first name – questioning what the unexpected change could mean.

“Blue is science staff, right? And I’m a scientist?” said Ensign Williams, who will be sitting in the emergency seat of the craft, right by the airlock.

“So what is this new red colour supposed to indicate? Is it a promotion? I bet it’s a promotion and a pay rise.”

“I could use the money because after this flight I’m planning to quit flying and settle down with my sweetheart from the space academy.”

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However, neither William Shatner nor Jeff Bezos were willing to be drawn on what they thought was going to happen during the flight, except Shatner mentioned that he expected it to go ‘Pretty much the same as usual’.

“If these new uniforms perform as expected we’ll be rolling them out to all Amazon employees in a union over the next twelve months,” Bezos confirmed.