Jeremy Corbyn kicking himself for not running on a manifesto of social care and free broadband in 2019 election

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Jeremy Corbyn is kicking himself for not pledging to deliver changes that would have pleased everyone had he had won the 2019 election, according to close friends of the former Labour leader.

Following that news that Boris Johnson would be overhauling the care system to make it more affordable to all whilst also developing plans to provide free broadband access to those on Universal Credit, Mr Corbyn has expressed regret that he never thought of that.

“It seems so obvious to Jeremy in retrospect,” said one close friend, Simon.

“There he was, in the run-up to a crucial general election, with a manifesto that promised nothing to the British people apart from two copies of an O-level textbook on Marxism, five jars of homemade jam, and a sort of pervading musty odour.

“He now can’t believe that he didn’t even think of offering free broadband to people who need it, a properly funded NHS or introducing a national care service; because you’d have thought these would have been right up his street.”

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He went on, “And they also seem to be really popular with the public, which is particularly galling.

“Still, at least Labour is now in the capable hands of Keir Starmer, who only yesterday thought it might be a good idea to finally suggest that the rise in National Insurance contributions be aimed at the rich more than the poor.”

Swing voter Christopher James told us, “If Corbyn had promised a properly funded NHS and a national care service then I’d have definitely voted for him, especially as my elderly mother needs to go into a care home and we can’t afford it.

“But I only read the Express so I know for a fact that his only election promise was to kill the Queen with his bare hands.”