Friday 10 September 2021

Laurence Fox seen booing Queen through loudspeaker outside Buckingham Palace

Laurence Fox booing outside Buckingham Palace

Brave freedom fighter and vocal opponent of imaginary Marxism, Laurence Fox, has this afternoon been seen outside Bucking Palace booing loudly through a loudspeaker at the ‘woke lady-baby who lives there’.

Fox, who has been working hard over the last year to become a dismal failure at yet another career, said he was left with no choice but to get his loudspeaker out after reports emerged that the Queen is a supporter of the Black Lives Matters movement.

He told us, “Well, what could I do? I’ve been criticising woke footballers for taking the knee to a Marxist organisation, and cheering any time they get booed by the crowd, so it would be hypocritical of me to leave the Queen alone for supporting BLM, wouldn’t it?

“And if there’s one thing I am not, it’s an opportunistic hypocrite fuelled by synthetic outrage about issues that don’t exist.

“So I packed my megaphone and headed down to Buckingham Palace for a jolly good booing session.”

Tourists visiting the palace were left a little confused by Fox’s appearance.

Simon Williams, who was there with his family, told us, “I saw that clip of Laurence Fox ‘performing’ a song of his on morning television a while back, so I’ll be honest, I just thought he was serenading the Queen.  The booing was actually very difficult to distinguish from his singing voice.

“But, as he kept telling people, we live in a free country, which is why he’s completely free to keep going around making himself look like a massive twat.”

Meanwhile, a Palace spokesperson said they were going to wait until Fox packed up to go him before they tell him that the Queen is actually a big supporter of Extinction Rebellion.

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