McDonald’s reports gherkin supply issues could seriously affect the dozen or so people who actually keep them on their burgers

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McDonald’s has reported serious concerns today about supply issues with gherkins which could affect the nine or ten people who are actually vile enough to actually keep them on their burgers.

With news emerging this morning that milkshake supplies are set to be affected at the restaurant chain, further concerns surrounding the availability of gherkins has led to fear and panic amongst almost a dozen gherkin-lovers worldwide.

Gherkin lover and sicko Simon Williams, who also insist that olives are edible revealed, “This is pretty serious stuff.

“Gherkins are amazing and absolutely essential to any McDonald’s burger and anyone who says otherwise is just plain wrong.

“Why would McDonald’s choose to put them on every single beef burger for people to just take them off again and throw them in the bin? It makes no sense.

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“I just hope they sort this crisis out before dozens of people like me are affected across the world.”

Asked to comment on the possibility of a complete gherkin shortage, normal person Katie Smith told us, “Thank god for that, saves me the job of putting it in the bin.”