‘It’s definitely worth the money’ says man now colour printing shopping lists to justify printer ink subscription

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A man who is now colour printing shopping lists to justify his printer ink subscription has insisted today that the monthly fee he pays for printer ink is definitely worth the money.

Simon Williams, who is tied into the deal for 12 months made his claim today after printing out 4 pages of tickets for the cinema which he booked online this morning after already being informed he could just show them on his phone.

Speaking earlier he told us, “I’m getting my use out of it, definitely. It’s surprising how many things you need that printer for.

“I set myself up an ink subscription to help with the kids homeschooling, and it really came in handy, for a week or two, until they went back in school.

“But now I just have ink on order all the time it’s great and I can totally justify the money I am spending on it. I can even write a list of the benefits if you like? And print it out for you. In full colour.

“Obviously having a printed shopping list is essential so you can read it properly, and I like to print out my fantasy footy team every week, and a copy of all my bets.

“And if I leave a note for the wife, it’s better if it’s printed, and I’ve done some labels for the cupboards, so everything is in order.

“And tickets, which you don’t actually have to print, are better printed, in my opinion.”

Asked how much he’s spent in total on printer ink so far he told us, “Give me two minutes and I’ll print my bank statement out and have a look.”