Man who couldn’t handle pressure of being questioned by a weatherman accuses gymnast of not handling pressure of Olympic final

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A man who couldn’t handle the pressure of being questioned by a weatherman on TV has accused a 24-year-old woman of not being able to handle the pressure of competing for a gold medal at the Olympics.

Piers Morgan, who bizarrely hasn’t verbally attacked a vulnerable woman for at least two or three weeks now, decided he needs to start hating someone again in order to get back on the telly, and revealed his utter disdain for Simone Biles in a series of tweets yesterday.

Speaking earlier he revealed, “Yes, she’s a disgrace and I hate her.

“I saw what she said in that interview about withdrawing from the team event to prioritise her mental health, and obviously I’ve decided to jump all over it, and make it sound even worse than it is, just to be controversial, because I’m a bit of a twat.

“She just needs to toughen up if you ask me, and stop being such a soft arse, like that other one I hate who didn’t want to do interviews because of her mental health.

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“They just can’t handle the pressure, that’s all. They all just need to grow a pair and toughen up and deal with the sort of pressure most of us will never really comprehend.

“It’s wokey wokeness gone woke.”

Asked what happened to him when a weatherman asked him some difficult questions on the telly, and he stormed off instead of staying to explain his position, he told us, “That was different, he was being really mean to me.”