Norway men’s beach handball team fined after refusing to play in mankinis

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The Norwegian men’s beach handball team have been fined over £1,000, after refusing to play in mankinis at the recent European Championships, as per the sport’s strict rules.

The outfits, made famous after Borat stole the idea from the European Handball Federation, leave very little to the imagination but have been used competitively since 1924.

Norway men’s goalkeeper, Sømjo Wiljams, said, “Honestly, it is not something we should be having to wear competitively.

“We love handball, obviously, but none of us should be treated like sex objects by being made to wear this, with hair poking out from everywhere frankly.

“This is a sport we want to see at the Olympics, not a stag do with eight grooms!

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“That, and it doesn’t half fucking chaff when I’m diving around in goal.”

Chairman of the The EHF, Eleanor Gay, said, “What can I say? There’s nothing more I like than a man in a mankini. I love when I can see a tight nutsack squeezed in. I really want to lick them, frankly.

“No, I am not a pervert that shouldn’t be in charge of a body overseeing a team sport.”

B!ue, a little-known pop singer, tweeted his support for the men, saying, “Despite my name, I’m not into boys behaving like their sexualised stereotypes, so I will pay their fines for them.

“Excuse me, it’s HOW much?!?”

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