Social media companies respond to government demand to hand over details of racist trolls by giving them Priti Patel’s phone number

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After the government said it was time for social media companies to help stand up to online trolls and bullies, each platform has responded by sending Downing Street officials Priti Patel’s phone number.

Home Secretary Priti Patel has become embroiled in a number of unsavoury online outbursts, most recently encouraging racists to boo England players when they kneeled in solidarity with victims of racism.

A Twitter source told us, “We’ve always believed that privacy is of paramount importance to users of our platform, but when the prime minister directly asked for our help in rooting out social media’s worst online trolls, we felt it was perfectly acceptable to give him the phone number and Twitter handle of his own Home Secretary.

“He probably has those details already, but we’re not here to pick and choose, we just give the government what they asked for, and Priti Patel is responsible for about 25% of the hate speech on Twitter so she matches the profile.

Meanwhile, a spokesghoul for the Home Secretary has insisted that she is not an online troll, and that if thousands of social media users took her decision to encourage the booing of England players in person, and interpreted that encouragement as permission to abuse those same players online, then she can not be held responsible for that.”

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They went on, “If we are going to start locking up politicians just because they prove to be massive hypocrites, then parliament will be entirely empty, and nobody wants that, do they?

“You do? Oh.”

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