Baddiel and Skinner spotted buying new yachts as entire nation continuously streams ‘Three Lions’

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David Baddiel and Frank Skinner have been spotted today buying a brand new yacht to enjoy their impending retirement, after England’s victory on Saturday night.

With Saturday night’s victory in Rome ensuring at least another 50 billion plays of the 90’s classic Three Lions, co-written by the comedians with the Lightning Seeds, the pair were spotted early today laughing their heads off drinking champagne whilst looking at new Range Rovers and yachts.

Sales manager Simon Williams from ‘Yachts Are Us’ revealed “It’s coming home. Sorry, they told me to say that, to everyone who came in.

“Yes, they were in here earlier, asking what our most expensive yacht is, because they are absolutely wadded, and needed to get rid of some money.

“Ever since England started doing well in the Euros, people have been playing their song, so obviously they’ve been getting a little bit of pocket money from the royalties.

“But since we beat Germany it’s been ridiculous, you can’t go three minutes without hearing it on the radio, or playing in a pub, or in someone’s garden, or on your own iPhone.

“They are laughing all the way to the bank man. They’ve absolutely struck gold. They bought the most expensive yacht we had. Cash.”

Asked if he thinks England can go all the way he told us, “All the way? Mate, football’s coming home!!…. sorry they told me to say that too.”