Referee changes foul decision after several players tell him it wasn’t a foul

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A referee has walked back from his decision to award a penalty after a group of players from the opposing team angrily surrounded him and made very clear their opinion that it wasn’t, in fact, a foul.

“Well, was my face red,” said referee Simon Williams.

“I was certain that player had tripped the other player in the penalty box, meaning that a foul had been committed and giving rise to a penalty.

“However, a number of players then surrounded me, shouting that the player hadn’t, in fact, tripped the other.

“Well, when I saw the strength of their convictions and listened to the convincing nature of their arguments, I knew I must be wrong so I immediately cancelled the penalty and allowed play to go on.”

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Kelly Grace is a well-regarded football pundit.

“Oh, it’s always worth challenging a referee’s decision, and chasing him angrily around the pitch, gesticulating wildly and possibly swearing in his general direction, because the chances are that if you do that he’ll definitely change his mind in your favour.”

Mr Williams agreed.

“Oh yes, if you don’t surround me, shouting in my face for several minutes after I make a decision, then how am I going to know if I’ve got it wrong?”

Mr Williams also had some advice for players when the ball goes out of play.

He told them, “As many of you hold your hands in the air as possible, because referees always award the throw-in to the team with the most hands in the air.”