Man boycotting England due to kneeling had ‘lovely evening’ trying to ignore repeated cheering of his neighbours

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A man who has said he will not support England at this summer’s Euros due to them taking the knee before games spent a lovely Saturday evening at home trying to ignore the repeated cheers emanating from his neighbours’ properties.

Simon Williams, 45, spoke at length when the tournament started about his intention to withdraw his support for a team he insisted was full of ‘woke’ Marxist virtue-signallers.

“Virtue-signalling is the worst thing in the world, which is why I’ve been very vocal both on social media and in real life about my boycott of the England team this summer. I’ve worked very hard to ensure everyone knows my position on this.

“The England team will not have my support, and I have no doubt this is having a detrimental effect on their on-field performances. I mean, I don’t know the scores because I’m deliberately not following it, but I am confident my protest is having a huge effect.

“I have no idea what happened last night, and no, I have no interest in finding out. Yes, it was difficult to find someone to socialise with on Saturday night who wasn’t planning to watch the football, so I spent a lovely evening at home with the ironing.

“No, I don’t feel like I missed out at all, and I’m quite sure my neighbours on either side, and the people in their gardens, and everyone on the street that I could hear cheering were doing so because of something to do with Love Island.”