Bill Cosby’s lawyers oddly reluctant to celebrate his release with drinks at his place

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After Bill Cosby was released from prison following his conviction being overturned due to a ‘process violation’, the team of lawyers working for the comedian has reluctantly taken a raincheck on drinks back at his place.

Shortly after Cosby was released from prison, his lawyer Chuck Williams spoke to the press.

He told them, “We are delighted to have secured the freedom of our client, even if it relied on a technicality rather than a reexamination of the evidence against him, but unfortunately we all had other things we needed to be doing this evening so couldn’t join him for drinks at his place to celebrate.

“I myself had an awful lot of laundry to do, and my colleagues had various other long-standing commitments such as hair washing, childcare and a library book that absolutely had to be returned today.

“We will all still be happy to celebrate with Mr Cosby over drinks, just not those he has prepared while inside a property that he owns.”

Legal experts have hailed Cosby’s release from prison as a victory for justice, in which someone found guilty by a jury of their peers of a sexual crime can walk free because of some backroom deal previously negotiated as part of a civil case.

Williams went on, “It’s one of the founding principles of American justice, that rich people can strike deals to ensure they can never be found guilty of a crime by the legal system.

“And to think some people didn’t believe it was possible to make America great again.”