Bill Cosby’s lawyer wakes up to 72 missed calls from Harvey Weinstein

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Lawyers representing US comedian Bill Cosby have woken today to 72 missed calls from convicted sex offender Harvey Weinstein.

With news emerging last night of the dramatic release of Bill Cosby, for no good fucking reason whatsoever, lawyers for the star began immediately receiving numerous calls from a prison phone asking them to urgently contact a ‘Harvey’.

Reporter Chuck Williams revealed “They’ve had a lot of calls. I mean, a lot.

“These are people who appear to have got a man out of prison, who openly admitted to drugging and having sex with incapacitated women.

“A man who has also been accused by up to 60 different women of different forms of sexual assault and abuse.

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“So these are the exact type of people Harvey Weinstein needs to speak to, because they can work a fucking miracle.

“And they clearly have precisely the same sort of morals as him.

“He’s just hoping for a callback today so he can hopefully be home in time for Independence Day to celebrate with some young aspiring actors.”

Asked if the lawyers have actually called him back, considering what he has done, we were told, “Of course they fucking have.”