‘Gonna boo us when we kneel now, f*ckers?’ By the England football team

author avatar by 3 years ago

We’ve fed your kids and beaten Germany so wind your necks in, assuming you’re not too fat to have one.

And that twat Piers Morgan better not run his mouth again either.

Yeah, arseholes on Twitter go on about us being taken with cultural Marxism, but on the other hand, we don’t see them slotting two past Germany when it really counts.

So, if you want your kids to go to school hungry and your national team to go out on penalties or never leave the group stages, you keep right on booing, you sorry wankers. We can stop doing this any time we feel like it – whereas you’ve never even started.

If you think us kneeling is divisive, you’re wrong, it’s you – clinging to your fears and unable to move forward into a brave new world with us.

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