Tuesday 29 June 2021

England fan loses voice cheering name of player he was booing two hours earlier

England fan loses voice

England fan Simon Williams is going to bed hoarse tonight after loudly cheering the names of players he was vociferously booing at 5pm.

Williams, who continues to believe the England team literally support Marxism, despite all evidence to the contrary, booed at the top of his voice when both teams took the knee before today’s game, but not because he’s racist, just because he doesn’t like communism, or Marxism, or one of them anway.

However, after England secured a historic 2-0 victory against Germany, their first knockout win in over fifty years against them, Williams was left hailing the magnificent performance of players like staunch Marxist Raheem Sterling and borderline communist Harry Maguire.

Williams told us, “The lads were brilliant, I don’t think I’ve ever cheered more loudly at a football match than when ‘Raz’ got the first goal.

“I mean, my jeering when the players took the knee was a very close second, but the cheering was very loud indeed.”

When asked why he continues to boo the players, Williams said, “Because I don’t like politics in football, and yes, that is very different to when I tried to get everyone to join in a chant about the second world war.  But no one was interested in singing it with me unfortunately, probably because they all voted Remain.

“And yes, I do see this as a huge victory for Brexit. We never bear Germany in the knockout stages of any tournament while we were members of the EU.

“Coincidence? I don’t think so.”

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