Disgraced conman and ex-lawyer to head up new HBO series, ‘Better Call Rudy’

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Disgraced ex-lawyer Rudy Giuliani will dispense legal advice to criminals from the back of a beat-up old car in HBO’s forthcoming series ‘Better call Rudy’.

‘Rudy’, a flamboyant character who will say and do literally anything to help his clients dodge legal trouble or win an election, always ends up in hot water when their ingratitude and lack of loyalty to him results in his plans backfiring.

However, scriptwriters hope his resolute determination in the face of facts that just won’t go his way will make the character a winner with both drama and comedy fans.

“It’s a tragic character arc,” said showrunner Simon-Bob Williams. “Rudy starts out with high hopes of becoming a reputable lawyer and public servant, but his association with career conmen and money launderers leads him down a dark path.

“And there’s a hilarious subplot about his obsession with his appearance, dyeing his hair and getting his top row of teeth fixed but not the bottom and thinking nobody notices.

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“The season finale features Donald Trump and a double-booked press conference at a porn shoot.”