Friday 25 June 2021

Government takes huge step in proving it is not beholden to wealthy donors by adding Cayman Islands to travel green list

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The government has taken a huge step in ending speculation that they will bend over backwards for their wealthy donors by adding the Cayman Islands to a list of places to which you are now allowed to travel.

As the updated list was published, a government spokesperson explained that they have been impressed by the virus prevention measures taken by the Cayman Islands, and that Brits should feel free to pop over there any time they like.

“I hear the weather is quite nice there too,” they added.

Meanwhile, holidaymakers across the UK are still awaiting news of any affordable destinations they could visit this summer.

Father of three Simon Williams told us, “The Cayman Islands sounds nice, but once you’ve factored in the cost of flights and accommodation, I’m short by about… well, at least one large trust fund.

“Still, if the government feels it’s important that rich people can take a nice short break to visit all their money, then who are we to argue?

“I did enquire about the chances of a week in the Costa Del Sol being approved for the green list, but apparently I can only make that happen with a £500k donation to CCHQ, which is slightly out of my budget.

“Skegness it is then.”

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