‘I just want my freedom’ says man enjoying a pint in the pub whilst refusing the jab

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A man has demanded that the government give him his freedom this morning, whilst sat inside a Wetherspoons pub enjoying a pint and refusing to have a vaccine.

Simon Williams, who also wears his mask just below his nose in shops, just to be a dick, made the dramatic plea earlier after ordering a full English breakfast before settling down with his newspaper and pint for the day.

Speaking earlier he told us, “We can’t live like this anymore, I want my freedom.

“Obviously I’m not prepared to have a vaccine though, in order to speed up the process, because of the whole Bill Gates thing, you know, and I heard you get a blood clot about 50% of the time too if you take it, or it could be 60%

“There’s hardly anyone in hospital now anyway, which proves it’s all false, and nothing to do with the vaccines, because it’s not even making people ill in the first place, or something.

“So the government should grant us our freedom now, and let us do what we want to do, because quite frankly I can’t live under these restrictions any longer.”

Asked what it is specifically that he wants to be able to do he told us, “Go to the pub, and have a pint, and go shopping and stuff. And have another pint.”