Eric Clapton urges caution on Covid-19 vaccine: “Sheriff should get shot but not deputy”

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A red-faced man in his seventies has surprised no one by urging people to be wary of the Covid-19 vaccine and its side effects.

In an interview circulating on social media, Eric Clapton, who is best known for playing rock, blues and the occasional unnecessary reggae cover, urged his fans to think twice before receiving the vaccine, and cast doubts on how much of the pandemic was just ‘in our heads’, much like his song ‘The Shape You’re In’ regrettably is.

Blaming the amount of disinformation and so-called fear-mongering around Coronavirus, he ironically declared “I’ve stopped watching TV” in front of a camera crew and producer who were filming him, before going on to describe how an anti-Covid meme he once saw online made quite an impression on him.

Later in the interview, he expressed a fear that the vaccine could affect fertility, a claim he sadly failed to provide any evidence for, prompting fears that he might release a song about it instead.

“I’m just saying that people need to read all the facts – not the ones on credible news sources, mind – before allowing anyone to give them an injection.

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“Having said that, the sheriff can get the shot as far as I’m concerned.

“After all, if the deputy doesn’t get the shot then he’ll be able to pick up the reigns if the sheriff isn’t around.”