New Indiana Jones film set in Danesbury Metal Detecting Club

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Harrison Ford will take up Fedora, Whip and Detectron 4000S+ one last time in the forthcoming Indiana Jones film – in which the 80-year-old Indy will be enjoying a quiet retirement in Suffolk.

Jones – who has spent his life searching for lost treasures – will scratch the itch as a member of Danesbury Metal Detecting Club, leading to a series of incredible adventures featuring Nazis, beautiful Spies and rival detectorists the Dirt Sharks.

“Everything starts when Lance unearths an unusual piece of gold and believes it’s a part of the Spear of Destiny,” movie insiders told us.

“Of course it’s not, it’s actually a bit of a broken watch, but the rumour is enough to attract the attention of Nazi archaeologist Maximilian von Schweinhund who wants to use the spear to resurrect Hitler.”

Highlights of the film will include Indy shouting “That belongs in a museum!” at Phil out of the Dirt Sharks who is selling some bits of pottery at a car boot sale in Saxmundham, Maximilian von Scheinhund doing the club out of their permission to search on farmer Bishop’s land, and Andy Stone’s face melting off when he opens the Ark of the Covenant in a bid to impress Becky.

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“All through the excitement, Indy will keep his rugged, grumpy demeanour as he punches various Nazis, members of the local council antiquities team, and Lance, several times, because I think everyone has wanted to at one point or another,” we were told.