Man defends booing someone who it transpires was just kneeling to tie a shoelace

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Staunch patriotic wingnut, Simon Williams has confirmed his recent decision to relentlessly boo a fellow citizen in the street for kneeling, even though it was just for the purposes of remedying an errant lace, was fully justified.

Williams said, arms firmly crossed, “These are the facts. The FACTS. Right?

“I was striding with a sense of entitlement down the street, and, before you ask, no, of course, I wasn’t wearing a fucking mask.

“I do not subscribe to state-sponsored face terrorism.

“Anyway, approaching me was a figure who very much presented as a leftist agitator. His walking style for one. One clearly socialist leg in front of the other.

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“And of course, his demeanour…. erm. Look, he had a well disrespectful face.

“True to form, I see the virtue-signaling prick bend down and take the knee. Right. In. Front. Of. Me.

“Brass neck on him. This is an ENGLISH street, son. Keep your warped Marxist political views to yourself mate.

“Anyway, I obviously started booing at the prick. As is my right. A full-throated spittle hurling boo with pure red-faced venom.

“You should have seen him shit his pants while everyone stared. Humiliated he was. Rightly so.

“He then started banging on about how he was just tying his shoelace. On further inspection that did appear to be the case.

“But as I explained to my statute hating little friend, it doesn’t matter what his personal reasons for taking the knee are, I am entitled to interpret that act as divisive and boo him even though it would be patently ridiculous for me to respond to everyone and everything I dislike in this way.

“Wait! Look. There’s another fucker at it over there.

“This one is standing in front of a woman holding a small box with a ring in it. Evil commie bastard.

“Don’t worry love, I’m coming!”