Family over the moon after three full minutes on actual rides during 10-hour visit to theme park

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A family is absolutely over the moon and beaming with joy today after managing to slot in three full minutes and seven seconds of actual fun on rides, during a ten-hour day at a theme park.

Simon Williams, with his wife and two children, achieved the feat at Flamingo Land Resort this week after just about getting on their third ride of the day, minutes before the park closed.

Speaking earlier he told us, “What a bloody great day. Amazing. And totally worth the money.

“I mean, obviously it was a little busy so we spent a bit of time queuing up, but only about two and a half hours per ride, so it wasn’t that bad.

“And when you get on the ride itself, it lasts a good fifty seconds to a minute, including going up the hill at the start, so it’s definitely worth the wait.

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“Quite a lot of the good rides were not even open either, so that saved us some time in queues, and walking around to different things.

“So we could just join the queue for the three rides that were open, along with everybody else in the park, for the bargain price of only £140.”

Asked if maybe going to a theme park on a sunny day, during the school holidays, when no one can travel abroad was actually a good idea he told us, “Yes. Definitely. Best day ever.”