Wednesday 12 May 2021 by Gary Stanton

Worldwide anger at David Baddiel for singlehandedly funding Israeli strikes on Gaza

David Baddiel  to blame for Israel attacking Gaza

Fucking head-the-balls worldwide are holding popular Jewish comic, David Baddiel, entirely responsible for the Israeli strikes on Gaza, it has emerged.

As Israeli rockets rained down on Gaza, President Benjamin Netanyahu got Baddiel and other prominent Jews on speed-dial and screamed some stuff about genocide, which was later met by cheers.

It’s understood that Baddiel – who owns a cat – offered to pay cash for cluster-bombs and laughed off talk of a reunion with former sidekick Rob Newman.

And as bodies piled up in Palestinian morgues, any prospects for a re-run of Fantasy Football with gentile comic Frank Skinner looked increasingly unlikely.

Hard-left Twitter activist, Simone Williams, said, “We call on all Jews – any Jews – to denounce this violence that David Baddiel somehow had a hand in.

“Anyhow, it wouldn’t surprise me to see the so-called funnyman driving a tank into the Gaza branch of Lidl.

“He’ll say he denied it, but that didn’t stop Woody Allen allegedly fingering kids.”

Meanwhile, as Gaza crumbles, the Jews Don’t Count author is continuing to celebrate the success of his bestseller – the title of which appears near the start of this sentence; a hardback version retailing at around £12.99 or two-fifteenths of a white phosphorous shell.

Baddiel added, “You see that guy on a stretcher with a gaping head wound – that’s your Dad that is!”

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