Man Utd to play five games in two days as fixture pile up continues

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Manchester United must play five games in two days next week as fixtures continue to pile up for the club.

With the decision made by the Premier League to move the postponed Liverpool game to next Thursday 13th May, along with other league games also being moved to next week, just to piss them off, the club now faces the daunting prospect of actually having to play five league games in just two days of intense fixtures.

A spokesperson for the Premier league confirmed “It’s going to be a tough couple of days for the reds, but there was nothing we could do.

“We have decided to move the Liverpool game to next Thursday, along with the Fulham and Wolves games.

“They will now also play the Aston Villa game the day before on Wednesday morning, with the Leicester fixture moving to a 3pm kick-off the same day.

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“Obviously the club has expressed some concerns with the close proximity of the fixtures, but we can assure them that we genuinely tried our best to do what we can to assist the club, and its owners, who we all love by the way.”

Asked if the club is being punished for its behaviour last week surrounding the Super League, we were told, “Erm… Noooooo.”

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