Man bitterly disappointed with Line of Duty finale settles down to start six seasons of Lost

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A man left bitterly disappointed with the Line of Duty finale last night has settled down with popcorn today to start on six long seasons of Lost.

Simon Williams, who immediately started looking for something new to watch this morning decided on the popular American TV drama after watching an exciting trailer for the series and concluding it must be absolutely brilliant, especially the ending.

“This is amazing,” he told us, halfway through the second episode.

“There is no way on earth that this will turn out shite, or turn absolutely stupid making no sense whatsoever.

“I was really disappointed with the end of Line of Duty, especially after all the time I put in watching it only for the ending to be so… shit.

“So this time I’m picking something with a real complex series of interlocking storylines with a number of ongoing subplots all of which have been well thought out and definitely not made up as they go along because of the unexpected popularity of the series.

“And I can tell that this will end well, and clear EVERYTHING up at the end, it’s just so well written, the final episode will be likely be amazing and leave me completely satisfied as a viewer.”

Asked what he would do if he got right to the very end, after weeks of watching and everyone was just dead all along he told us “Ha.ha Yeah right. As if.”