James Nesbitt wins early BAFTA nomination for best performance in a photograph

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Northern Irish actor James Nesbitt has today found himself nominated for a Bafta for his breathtaking performance as Marcus Thurwell in season 6 of the BBC police drama, Line of Duty.

Nesbitt stole several episodes of the popular drama, with his haunting depiction of a man in a photograph who may be involved in organised crime.

Arts critic Simon Williams told us, “I’m delighted Bafta has seen fit to create a new category off the back of Nesbitt’s stunning performance. It’s not often an actor does something so incredible that it literally redefines the way the industry recognises acting talent.

“It’s astonishing just how much Nesbitt was capable of bringing to the character even though he only appeared as a photograph.  Such is his gravitas as an actor that millions of viewers – myself included – have a perfect idea of exactly what Malcolm Thurlwell sounds like.

“I can’t explain how difficult it must be to convey a wide range of emotions when your onscreen presence is limited to three photographs, but Nesbitt has done just that.

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“Menacing, controlling and most definitely shifty – all of these were clear to anyone who saw his image pop up briefly on their screens during the latter part of season 6.

“A few weeks ago people thought the only thing this season would be remembered for was Steve Arnott’s beard.  How wrong they were.”

Meanwhile, the realisation that you can win acting awards without doing any actual acting has been welcomed by Danny Dyer.

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