Julian Nagelsmann sacked by Spurs just days before being given manager’s job

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Tottenham Hotspur have already sacked new manager Julian Nagelsmann for underachieving just days before giving him the manager’s job.

The former RB Leipzig manager had been thought to replace Jose Mourinho, who himself was sacked after having been given almost an entire 18-months at the helm.

Spurs fan and Mail reader, Simon Williams, said, “Nagelsmann brought it upon himself, really. He should really have done a lot more in his minus-three days in charge.

“The training hadn’t even changed in that time, and he’ll probably use the usual excuses like ‘I wasn’t even there’, ‘I didn’t know I had got the job’ and, inexcusably, ‘Jose was still in charge’, but that’s no excuse is it, really?

“Only a very poorly prepared manager would suggest it was down to them not knowing there was a job going, wouldn’t they?

“I never liked his style of play anyway, especially when I found out who he was, literally ten minutes ago. The big idiot.”

On Friday, Spurs chairman Daniel Levy plans to sack someone who doesn’t even know they are going to be a manager until 2031.