Government to stop talking about BAME people because, well, Priti’s working on something

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An ultranationalist government with a proven callousness towards human life that has recently criminalised most forms of protest, has just declared that the initialism for Black And Minority Ethnic will not be of any official use in the future, but no-one should worry about it.

Taking a break from comparing watchtower designs, Home Office junior Minister Simon Williams explained that people should not be in the slightest bit concerned that the existence of BAME people is being purged of official documents.

He explained, “It’s perfectly normal that after an exhaustive survey that gives us a complete breakdown of the ethnic and cultural composition of the UK, we try to avoid giving any kind of recognition to groups that our core voters feel they should be superior to.

“It’s just a shame that the usual elites try to see something sinister in using people who are the victims of racism as a pawn in the culture wars we stoke to distract from our incompetence.

“If we were bigots, would we get Priti Patel to put foreigners in camps designed to be barely liveable? We are even planning to disregard the Geneva Convention on refugees and I can’t think of a whiter place than Geneva. Well, maybe Surrey.”

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Mr Williams explained that the conservative party felt insulted by the implication that they were going down the same unspoken white nationalist route as the GOP in America.

He went on, “Tosh! Conservatives have been talking of non-whites in derogatory terms long before the Republican party embraced the Southern strategy.

“Our greatest leader, Winston Churchill, was talking about gassing ‘barbaric races’ and the triumph of Aryan stock decades before any American did.

“Even before Hitler, come to think of it.”

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