Wednesday 24 February 2021 by Arabin Patson

Spectator magazine unites British Isles in not giving a toss about their bizarre little crusade against Nicola Sturgeon

Fraser Nelson Spectator Magazine

The pillar of the conservative literati for two centuries, the Spectator magazine, has accused the general public in the UK of being woke leftwaffe SJWs after it was revealed nobody really gives a fuck about Alex Salmond’s dismissal.

Fraser Murray-Neil, a ‘Scottish’ editor for the Spectator who hasn’t spent a whole week north of the Tweed since 1997, was adamant that the vast sums of money his magazine spent on some obscure legal battle was a death blow to the SNP.

He told reporters, “Mark my words, this is the day we saved the union.

“Once everyone gets fully conversant in both Holyrood parliamentary minutia and the internal disciplinary procedures of the SNP, they will forget about the economy, Brexit failures and a horrendous COVID death toll.”

However, Douglas McWilliams, an accountant from Arbroath, was sceptical about the Spectator’s claim that they had ended the dream of Scottish Independence with their dogged legal manoeuvring.

He told us, “I can’t see that whatever it is they did will change anyone’s mind. Sturgeon is seen as the only competent leader in the whole of the UK and tedious details about what she knew about some internal SNP disciplinary proceeding is only interesting to people who own orange sashes.

“Come May, no one will care about who knew what. It will be a chance of Indyref 2 versus a PM that is such a stereotype of English wankery he wouldn’t be credible as a rapist baron in a Braveheart parody.

“Also, I have yet to meet a single person, from Stranraer to Lerwick, who reads the Spectator. It’s as relevant to Scotland as the congestion charge, and even less interesting.”

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