Rangers fans devastated as Neil Lennon leaves Celtic

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Glasgow Rangers fans are devastated today at the news that Celtic manager Neil Lennon has left the club.

With Celtic currently 18 points adrift in the Scottish Premier League, out of the Champions League and unable to beat Ross County, who are really really shite, fans of bitter rivals Rangers have been left utterly heartbroken at the news of Lennon’s departure.

Rangers fan Campbell Burns revealed, “I’m devastated, absolutely gutted man.

“This has been the best year of my whole life without a shadow of a doubt, even with coronavirus.

“It’s just been absolutely hilarious, every fucking week, watching them bastards lose and completely go to shite.

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“He’s just been a real joy, it’s almost as if he was telling them to play so shite on purpose, it just to made me so happy.

“And now he’s gone, I can’t believe it. Just when I thought I couldn’t love someone any more, he’s left us.”

Asked who he would like to see as Lennon’s replacement we were told “Big Sam. No wait, Gazza. Or Gary Neville.”