Prick takes on c*nt in epic ‘battle of the arseholes’ live on GMB

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Good Morning Britain once again created the day’s social media buzz as viewers got to watch a complete fanny shout at a total cock while they both jostled to become the nation’s most noxious rectum.

Furloughed council worker Simone Williams was one of many who was still in turmoil as to which side to join.

She told us, “Normally, I am on ‘Team Bellend’, but this time I thought that the twat really gave as good as he got.

“It’s hard to say who was the biggest turd between the rancid ballsack and the repugnant set of pissflaps. It’s all so confusing.

“And to make it worse, my husband said he thought the pointless spaff coming out of one of them was much more relevant than the verbal queef that the other repeatedly responded with.

“It’s actually become a bit of a sore point between us which is absurd as we agree that both of them are just talking clusters of genital warts and the only real difference between them is in where they spread their malevolent bollocks.”

Although it is unclear what caused the televised clash, many believe the vainglorious dick wanted to be praised for ballsing up something, while the absolute tit wanted to make a big show of being a rude wankstain.

GMB co-host Susanna Reid was once again asked to opine on who was the vilest anus between her colleague and their guest, but unfortunately, she was too busy taking one of her 75 daily showers.

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