Daft Punk sold off by Jawas

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Robot dance duo Daft Punk have split up after one of them was sold to moisture farmers on Tatooine, according to reports.

Sources close to the band denied the breakup was due to a bad motivator but instead told us that Daft Punk, who were proficient in over six million forms of composition, were captured by Jawas after their life pod landed on the planet – leading to the two being separated and sold.

Local moisture farmer Owen Lars told us that he’d been looking for something that spoke Bocce and could communicate in the binary language of moisture vaporators, and when someone played him Da Funk he knew he’d got a droid who could do both.

“These droids communicate in an information-dense language of beeps and whistles meaning they’re perfect for farm work,” Lars told us.

“I played Discovery to some of my other droids and their productivity went up fifteen per cent overnight.

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“But I only need one, and their inability to communicate in any human languages that aren’t distorted beyond recognition means it’s unlikely anyone else will want the other.

“They may as well blow him up, or send him to the spice mines of Kessel.”

Daft Punk started their career playing Cantinas with local chanteuse Sy Snootles, and in 2010 film emerged of them playing in Mos Eisley in their early career.