Tuesday 23 February 2021 by Mark Molloy

Man remaining cautious on lockdown easing by only booking three holidays and six all dayers in April

man celebrating end of lockdown

A man has revealed today that he remains very reserved and cautious about the dates for the easing of lockdown, after booking just three immediate holidays for the remainder of the year and only planning six all dayers with his mates from April.

Simon Williams who had already found himself ironing his kids school uniforms earlier today, revealed the news after paying a deposit on a nice week in Turkey planned for the end of June, just before heading to Portugal in August.

Speaking earlier he told us, “Yeah, you’ve got to be careful with these dates because anything can happen, and lockdown isn’t over yet let me tell you.

“That’s why I chose to only booked the three holidays for this year the very moment Boris started speaking yesterday, just to be cautious like everyone said.

“And only two of them are abroad, so we’re not taking any risks there to be fair, with a little week in Cornwall thrown in the mix with the kids, oh and a couple of weekends away with the wife as well, but they don’t count as it’s only a city break.

“And me and the lads have got a little all-day drinking session planned on 12th April too, and one on 14th and 15th and three in May, but you know, there’s only 15 of us, so we’ll keep it quite civilized.

“Other than that, we’ve just got to be careful, and not get too ahead of ourselves with these dates, because anything can happen.

“Oh shit, I need to get Euros tickets for Wembley too!”

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